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Founded in 1994, Millennium Metalcraft, Inc. provides superior quality, precision sheet metal fabrication and machining services for Silicon Valley companies and contract manufacturers around the world. We are a trusted partner for medium & large-scale OEM production manufacturing, turnkey assembly programs and offer specialized prototype engineering design services. As a leader in our industry, our depth of fabricating experience and manufacturing prowess help optimize any client’s design goals, budgets and delivery timelines.

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Experienced Production Team. Automated Manufacturing.

Amada Press Brake Sheet Metal

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Superior Quality.

CNC Precision Machining
Amada Punch Press Laser
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(510) 657-4700

SVP - Manufacturing
  Thermo Fisher Scientific

"We trust Millennium with our most important turnkey sheet metal assembly projects"

Global Supply Manager
Tesla Motors

"Your Team has always been easy to work with. Quotes are prompt. Prices are competitive. FTR and defect rates are excellent."

Senior Quality Engineer
Roche Diagnostics

"Millennium’s work has always been top notch. Parts are made to print, finishing and paint work looks extremely nice."


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