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custom metal bending Services

Our journeyman sheet metal fabricators are capable of folding aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and plastics to tight radii with minimal relief standards. Our team has a broad inventory of tools necessary to tackle the most challenging projects and the capacity to take on large batch production jobs. 

Our CNC Press Brakes repeat with high accuracy and speed to allow our operators to work efficiently. At the cutting edge of folding technology, our Press Brakes are capable of folding a broad range of thicknesses and materials.  

We have specialty tooling for jobs that require a cosmetic finish without witness marks, scratches or splintering. Contact us to learn more or ask to come by for a tour to review our shops capabilities.

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Prep for paint
Rear Cover
Sheetmetal Unit
Steel enclosure
Muilt-Drive 1
Multi-Drive unit
DNA Analyzer
Duplacator Units
DVD rear view
DVD Duplacator
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